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Keratin Express Extra

Eliminates frizz

Speeds up blow-dry time

Tames the curl and reduces excessive volume

Creates healthy, smooth and strong hair up to 4-6 weeks




“Less time, less monty, less hassle”

Keratin Express Extra is the newist and fstest growing service in Professional Salons. The service is simpler, faster, safer and more versatile than most treatments on the market. The results of the treatment are smoother, shinier and better-conditioned hair for 4-8 weeks.


Cyprosil complex, which reduces processing and finishing time by up to 75%! Cyprosil Complex is a synergistic blend of cationically modified keratin and cysteine peptides that produce immediate and noticeable shine and conditioning effects after just one treatment.

 *Keratin Express Extra formula is OSHA compliant and any vapor generated during treatment is not detectable or below OSHA Action Levels and Exposure Limits.

Anyone who wants to eliminate frizz, reduce volume, heal or repair, improve color retention or speed up blow-dry time. In short, Keratin Express is for anyone who wants better-conditioned, healthier, shinier hair**.  This smoothing treatment is recommended for a fine hair.

Typical clients:

  • Curly/frizzy unruly hair
  • Straight hair with frizz/porosity problems
  • Wavy hair that is dull or lifeless
  • Thick/course hair that takes forever to dry
  • All color clients seeking better shine, vibrancy & durability

**hair that is breaking or very seriously damaged may not be suitable for this process, please consult your hair stylist

This Product contains Formaldehyde. Some people are allergic to aldehydes. As with all salon chemical treatments, stylists/clients with respiratory, eye, and/or skin sensitivities should request a patch test or consult with a physician before applying or receiving this treatment. Pregnant or nursing stylists/clients should not apply or receive this treatment.